Humanitarian Support and Relief:

EDAS responds humanitarian and emergency relief activities and supports the vulnerable poor during and post humanitarian crises and natural disaster period. EDAS facilitates emergency medical services to the disaster stricken people and provides financial and material assistance. During the cyclone Sidr and Aila strike, EDAS in partnership with foreign donors and government rescues the victims, provides food, cloth and medicine. During the two natural disasters in Bangladesh, EDAS supports 4000 families and carries out rehabilitation activities of 6000 families in Khulna, Bagherhat, Potuakhali, Borguna districts. EDAS becomes one of the fastest responding humanitarian organization to carry out humanitarian support to apartheid Rohingya refugees from Myanmar in Bangladesh. EDAS provides emergency shelter, food, cloth, sanitation, hygiene and medicine facilities. EDAS ensures survival of 5000 children, 5000 women and 5000 families of Rohingya refugees. EDAS is providing food, cloth and learning facilities to 5000 Rohingya children including 2500orphan children’s shelter home through 14 Child Care Home project at Cox’s Bazar. EDAS responds humanitarian and emergency relief for pandemic Coronavirus. EDAS has distributed food and hygiene materials to 15000 poor families.

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